Cannabis Security Dogs

Cannabis Security Dogs

Paladin K9 understands the unique security needs of the cannabis industry and we work closely with our clients to provide customized Cannabis Security Dogs that fit those needs. Whether you are a cannabis security company, a cannabis grower, or a cannabis dispensary, Paladin K9’s cannabis security dogs can be custom-trained to fit the needs of individuals and businesses in the Medical and Recreational/Adult Use cannabis industry.

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale for the Cannabis Industry

Paladin K9 has a wide network of breeders in the United States and Europe that we rely upon to find you the best dog to fit your specific needs. We then work with you to provide you with a protection dog that fits your lifestyle and business needs. From protecting a large cannabis grow operation, to transporting product, or dispensary security, our dogs are your trustworthy, unwavering security, as well as a trusted and beloved member of your family.
Visual Deterrent

Visual Deterrent

Assailants are less likely to target businesses that have employed the use of a protection dog. The mere presence of a dog is likely to deter a criminal based on their appearance alone. Cannabis security dogs provide instant, non-lethal protection in mere seconds.
Two-Second Response

Two-Second Response

The average police response time in the U.S. is about 18 minutes. In the time it takes for you to trigger an alarm, your cannabis security dog could be restraining the assailant and have the situation under control, giving you time to properly notify the authorities.
Legal and Safe

Legal and Safe

Having a firearm isn’t an option in the cannabis industry. Having a pet - that is also protection trained - is completely legal and safe. Take control of your safety. Take control of your security. Contact Paladin K9 about purchasing a customized cannabis security dog.

Cannabis Security Dogs, by Pricing Level

NOTE: Prices listed are STARTING prices and may be higher, depending on the breed and lineage.

NOTE: Prices listed are STARTING prices and may be higher, depending on the breed and lineage.

Request More Information about Cannabis Security Dogs

Thank you for investing the time to complete this questionnaire. We ask for this information in order to understand your specific needs. In doing so, we are better able to make specific recommendations as to which dog, or dogs, will be an ideal match. Also, the information provides insight into how we may customize your dog’s training. This includes obedience, protection, manners, and just about anything else you can imagine. We invest this time and effort to customize each dog’s training at no additional charge. It is done to insure your dog is a joy to own from day one.



    Contact Information



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    City and State / Province / Region







    Phone (secondary)



    Household Information

    Number of Adults


    Number of Children

    (If you have young children we will teach your dog to only play with toys if given a specific command, to let go of toys without the need of a command if someone attempts to take it, to drop the toy on command and to never take a toy directly out of someone's hand.)

    Ages of Children

    Set to "0" if no children.


    Number and Types of Pets


    (We will condition your new dog prior to delivery to whatever types of pets you own or whichever ones your new dog is expected to be around. These include dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc...)


    Others Within Your Household on a Regular Basis
    (extended family, domestic help, etc...)


    Others On Your Property on a Regular Basis
    (pool maintenance, yard maintenance, etc...)



    Do You Live In:

    HouseTown HouseApartment


    Square Footage of Your Home
    (important if your dog is expected to protect your home)


    Square Footage of Your Property
    (important if your dog is expected to protect your property)


    Is Your Yard Fenced In?


    If YES to Fence, Please Describe Fence:
    (height, materials, etc...)


    Your Home is Located In:




    Do You Have People Enter Your Home Without Being Let In?
    (children's friends, neighbors, etc...)


    If YES, Please Explain:
    (Important in deciding how your dog will respond to guest who have not been personally allowed into the house.)


    Would You Like Them To Learn How To Handle Your Dog?

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    Will You Jog Or Run With Your Dog?



    Will Your Dog Walk On Sidewalks?
    (If so we will teach the dog to automatically stop when they reach the street and wait until instructed to cross.)



    Will Your Dog Ride In A Vehicle Outside Of A Travel Crate?
    (We will teach proper manners for riding including how to ride in a vehicle such as an SUV without the need for a barrier, to never jump over a seat, and to automatically wait before entering or exiting the vehicle, etc...)


    If YES, What Type of Vehicle(s)?


    Protection / Security

    How Do You Want Your Dog To Respond To Someone At Your Door?


    How Do You Want Your Dog To Respond To Someone At Your Fence Line Or Gate?


    How Do You Want Your Dog To Respond To People When the Dog is Riding In Your Car?


    In Addition To Your Previous Answer, Do You Want Your Dog To Be Trained To Secure Your Car On Command In Order To Respond To A Car Jacking, Robbery, Etc.?


    Are There Any Specific Types Of Threats That Concern You, Or That Are Unique To Your Family, Business Or Situation? If So, Please Explain.


    Is There Anything Unique To The Environment At Your Home, Or Business Or Situations The Dog Will Be placed In? If So, Please Explain.


    Do You Want Your Dog To Search Your House On Command For An Intruder?


    Do You Want Your Dog To Secure Whatever Room You Are In So That No One Can Enter?

    Level of Protection

    Neither the level of training, nor the caliber of dog, affects the overall personality of a dog outside of protection. The highest caliber of dog can have the same sweet personality as an entry level dog.

    Overall, the higher the caliber of dog, the more powerful they are when managing a threat. The higher the level is of training, the greater the skills the dog has available as he or she engages a violent threat such as a home invasion.

    Using A Scale Of 1 To 10, What Caliber Of Dog Do You Wish To Purchase?
    (6 representing a normal dog, 8 representing a powerful dog and 10 representing the highest caliber, most powerful dog)


    Is Your Dog Being Capable of Managing A Violent Attacker Important To You?



    Is Your Dog Being Capable of Managing Multiple Violent Attackers Important To You?




    How Do You Want Your Dog Trained In Relation To Jumping Up On People?


    Are There Specific Rooms Or Areas Of Your Home You Would Like Your Dog Not To Enter? If So, Please Explain.
    (If so, we will teach your dog to respect defined boundaries within your home.)


    Are There Specific Areas Of Your Property You Would Like Your Dog Not To Enter? If So, Please Explain.
    (If so, we will teach your dog to respect defined boundaries on your property.)


    Description of Animal

    Which Type Of Dog Are You Interested In Purchasing?


    Which Breed Of Dog Are You Interested In?

    German ShepherdBelgian Malinois


    Which dogs on our website are appealing to you?


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    In Your Own Words, Please Describe What Is Most Important To You:


    In Your Own Words, Please Describe The Perfect Dog In As Much Detail As Possible:


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