Your Complete Satisfaction - GUARANTEED!

Our comprehensive guarantee insures your complete confidence in purchasing a dog. This guarantee insures your complete satisfaction after the purchase.

The key to our guarantee? Your complete satisfaction.

What if you do have a problem? We have designed our guarantee, and back it up contractually in writing, to protect your interests.
There are three reasons to return a dog: health, hip/elbow dysplasia, or simply you want a different dog.

Here’s how you can expect us to respond should an unfortunate situation arise:

Complete Satisfaction
If you want a different dog, you are responsible for the shipping to return the first dog and for the replacement dog. Also, you must understand that it may take us some time to train a new dog for you and your family.
Should there be a health issue requiring a replacement dog, we take responsibility for the expense of all shipping. We should note’that this?is very unlikely after our veterinarians have thoroughly examined each dog prior to training.
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
In the case of hip or elbow dysplasia, (which is highly unlikely as we X-ray each dog’s hips and elbows and know their lineage) you are able to keep the first dog and receive a replacement dog at our expense.

It is common?within the industry is to require returning a dysplastic dog in order to obtain a replacement. In most cases an owner chooses to keep the?dog rather than sending the dog back and risk their pet being euthanized. In turn, the seller is no longer responsible for replacement because the buyer refuses to return the dysplastic dog. While we have never subscribed to this practice, allowing an owner to keep the first dog is now part of our contractual agreement.

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