About Our Services

Dogs trained by Paladin Executive Protection Dogs are affectionate, friendly and loving companions with impeccable manners. Additionally, our dogs are trained to respond off-leash to your commands the first time, regardless of the situation. Also, our dogs have the ability and skills to defend you and your family should the need ever arise.


When buying a fully trained Paladin Executive Protection Dog, you have a few?choices to make. Choices include’the caliber of the dog, the training program, and the type of customized training that would be useful given your home, as well as lifestyle and expectations.

Selecting a Breed

For most of our clients?choose either a?German Shepherd or a?Belgian Malinois. While there are similarities between them, there are also significant differences. These differences include size, temperament, personality, and performance. Understanding the?general differences can be useful. Occasionally, we recommend a Dutch Shepherd, depending on your?needs.

The German Shepherd

European German Shepherds come in a variety of colors. These colors include?black and tan, black and red, solid black, grey sable (the original color of the breed), red sable, dark sable and black sable. An?average male German Shepherd tends to weigh 80 to 90 pounds, with the average female weighing 55 to 65 pounds. Of course there are exceptions, including oversized males that can weigh more than 100 pounds. The German Shepherd is immediately recognized by the average person because of their popularity in K9 Law Enforcement. German Shepherds serve as a great visual deterrent since the general public associates them with police dogs. Additionally, the solid black or black sable German Shepherd provides a?more convincing deterrent.

The Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois typically is smaller than the German Shepherd, and has a shorter coat. An?average male Malinois is 65 to 75 pounds. Belgian Malinois?are considered to be the first choice in K9 law enforcement, and excels in competitive dog sports. Outside of K9 law enforcement, however, the breed is relatively unknown. As protection dogs, and within European dog sports, Belgian Malinois are best?known for spectacular style in obedience and extraordinary ability in protection. It often surprises people to see that the average 65-pound Belgian Malinois is more powerful in protection than the average 85-pound German Shepherd. You will find that the general public will often mistake your Belgian Malinois for a small German Shepherd.

Caliber of Dog

The second choice to make is the caliber of dog. The higher the caliber of dog, the greater the dog’s ability to manage a threatening situation. This can be likened to the difference in ability of the average member of the military versus someone selected for U. S. Special Forces or U. S. Navy S.E.A.L.S. From an investment standpoint, the greater the dog’s natural ability the higher the price. As the first steps in the process of determining which breed of dog and training program are right for you, we recommend that you fill out our questionnaire and call for a personal consultation.

Personality, Lifestyle, and Customized Training

Your answers will assist our trainers in helping you to choose a dog whose personality type matches your specific lifestyle and personal preferences. And once we know what you expect from a protection dog, we can customize his or her training to make the transition to your home as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Purchase a Dog from Paladin Executive Protection Dogs

Paladin K9 offers the finest and most reliable protection trained dogs in the marketplace. We have pups available to train for you locally or we can locate the perfect dog for you and your family. Paladin K9 has a wide network of breeders in the United States and Europe which allows us to find the best dog to fit your specific needs.