Executive Protection Dogs

The most common threats to you and your family are home invasion, simple assault, kidnapping and armed robbery. What these threats have in common is the distance covered by the attacker when the attack takes place.

Most attacks will take place from a distance about 15 feet. It takes approximately 2 seconds for an attacker to cover that distance.

An Executive Protection Dog from Paladin K9 can increase your security and comfort by helping to mitigate these threats. Paladin trains our dogs to fight for you, until the end. As far as the dog is concerned, you and your family are beloved and to be protected at all costs. Paladin K9s will protect the entire family.

Executive Protection Dogs from Paladin K9

Recognizing a Threat

Recognizing a threat and responding may be automatic and seem instantaneous, but it’s not with a dog, a handgun or any other means of self-defense. It takes about 1/2 of a second for your brain to recognize a threat and initiate a response. Your dog requires the same synapse in his brain to connect the incoming information with the appropriate response. Your dog needs that same 1/2 of a second to hear your command and respond. With just the simple brain function of owner and dog have taken about a full second, you have less than 3/4 of a second left.

At this stage, it is simply a matter of mathematics. Waiting for a dog to get to your side to turn him or her ?on? isn’t an option. There’s no time. Instructing a dog to attack from a distance, and him or her covering that distance in 3/4 of a second, isn’t enough time either. Without hesitating, without taking time to find your children, reaching for your phone or anything else, you’re already out of time. The attacker has the upper hand? unless your dog has been trained to protect you and your family without being given a command.

This is the power given to you when you have a Paladin Executive Protection dog.

Who Needs a Protection Dog?

  • High net worth individuals.
  • People who travel frequently for business and leave their family at home.
  • Politicians.
  • Professional Athletes.
  • Actors.
  • Celebrities.
  • Owners of dangerous businesses like collections, repossessions, efficiency firms that cut jobs, etc.
  • Business Owners who deal in?cash.
  • Owners of controversial businesses.
  • Any person who is at risk for kidnapping or kidnapping of a family member.

Purchase a Dog from Paladin Executive Protection Dogs

Paladin K9 offers the finest and most reliable protection trained dogs in the marketplace. We have pups available to train for you locally or we can locate the perfect dog for you and your family. Paladin K9 has a wide network of breeders in the United States and Europe which allows us to find the best dog to fit your specific needs.