Customized Dog Training

Our dogs are extremely responsive and can be trained with a variety of behaviors that make them more adaptable to your individual lifestyle and specific needs. This customized dog training,?including obedience and manners training, is available for every dog we train.

Customized Dog Training?may involve such things as:

  • Preparing your dog to obey and be extremely gentle with young children or the elderly.
  • Riding?in the back of a Sport Utility Vehicle without the need of a restraining divider.
  • Waiting?automatically at the edge of a sidewalk until given a command before stepping into the street.
  • To lie under a desk when brought into an office or under a table at a restaurant.
Paladin Executive Protection Dogs

Customized Protection Training

Customized Protection Training is also available. Custom protection’training?may include any of the following:

  • Training the dog to show aggression only if someone tries to enter your car rather than when people are walking by.
  • Training the dog’to respond to a command to show aggression automatically if someone approaches a vehicle (useful for a shop owner making night deposits).
  • Allowing the owner to direct the dog to attack one specific threat in a situation involving more than one person.


We can tailor our customized dog training to meet your specific needs as a dog owner.