The Paladin Difference

What is the Paladin difference? We could expound on the fact that we provide the finest dogs in North America and Europe, and that we spend more time with our dogs than anyone else in the industry, which provides a higher caliber of dog for your investment. But we think Paladin has other qualities that make us uniquely different.

Paladin K9 differentiates from other trained protection dog sellers by our training, service, attention to detail, follow-up, and availability.


It does not matter what a dog has done or can do on a training field. Nor does it matter what a dog can do for a trainer. What does matter is what the dog will do for you and how functional and integrated the training is in your home and everyday life. The unique techniques used in our specialized training?programs make the difference.


Additionally,’the level of service we provide is second to none. This service begins with our desire to understand your specific needs, lifestyle and personal preferences, many of which you may not even be aware of.

Attention to Detail

Through our conversations with you, and the many questions we will have, we will develop an understanding which will enable us to select precisely the right dog for you.

After we get to know you and your specific needs, then Paladin Executive Protection Dogs can begin to?customize specific’training so that your dog is a joy to own from day one. Paladin K9 wants to make sure your dog quickly becomes a trusted and loved member of your family.

Follow Up

Before delivery of your trained protection dog from Paladin K9, we’revaccinate each dog, provide a complete and thorough grooming, help?you to select the ideal dog food and supplies, and outline an acclimation program specific to your dog, your lifestyle and your household. We find that just as important as all of this is following up to ensure everything is working out as planned. Once we surrender the dog to your control, you become part of the Paladin family. We follow up with you to make sure things are going as expected. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Paladin Executive Protection Dog.

Kennel & Boarding

Paladin K9’s sister company is Dogs By Andy Kennel & Training Center. Dogs By Andy offers basic obedience training for any dog. Through Dogs By Andy, we can offer to board your dog for you, as well as offer “brush up” training while we board your dog. Be sure to ask us about our kennel and boarding services if you need a place to board your dog.

Meet Our Owners

Andy Hanellin

Andy Hanellin

Training Coordinator

Andy is a professional certified dog trainer. He has been training dogs for protection and detection for over 30 years. He is recognized as a qualified instructor by the AKC and is also a certified expert in K-9 Law and has been an expert witness in many court cases. Andy also owns and operates Dogs By Andy Kennel & Training Center.

Matt Myers

Matt Myers

Public Relations and Marketing

Matt has been working with Andy since 2005. He brings his extensive background of over 20 years of marketing skills and internet knowledge to the team. Matt is trained in Search & Detection work and he coordinates our public events and handles the day-to-day details while the trainers are busy in the filled working with dogs.

Purchase a Dog from Paladin Executive Protection Dogs

Paladin K9 offers the finest and most reliable protection trained dogs in the marketplace. We have pups available to train for you locally or we can locate the perfect dog for you and your family. Paladin K9 has a wide network of breeders in the United States and Europe which allows us to find the best dog to fit your specific needs.